College Re-Entry

helps academically engaged 18-30 year-old college students, who withdraw from their studies due to mental health challenges, return to college and successfully reach their educational goals.

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I took a medical leave of absence in the Fall of 2012 so I could get treatment for bipolar disorder.Fountain House College Re-Entry helped me get back on track.
Returning to college after a summer away can be exciting, and it can also be nerve-wracking, particularly if you are going away for the first time. Being on campus comes with social and academic stress, so it is especially important if you have a struggle with mental health to know what resources are available and to make plans about how to connect with them before you arrive on campus.
College students, especially those who are dealing with mental health challenges, find final exams stressful. Here are some tips for college preparation for college students who are recovering from a mental illness.
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