5 Signs Your College Supports Mental Health

Posted on January 13, 2016

The mental health needs of college students are increasingly more complicated than in the past and sometimes cannot be adequately met by overwhelmed mental health services. The sad end in some cases is that students, unable to complete their work and manage their mental health needs, drop out. 

Mental healthAccording to a recent NAMI study, more than 45 percent of those who stopped attending college because of mental health related reasons did not receive accommodations. Additionally, 50 percent of them did not access mental health services and supports. 

If you have mental health challenges, consider researching the mental health services when applying to college.

Look for the signs below to determine if the college will meet your mental health needs.  

1)    There are advocates on campus who help students understand their rights and access services and supports. 
2)    The school understands that college can be stressful and that mental health is a priority. The college educates faculty,
staff and students on mental health. 
3)    The college links with community mental health services and supports if there are not enough available on campus.  
4)    The college provides walk-in appointments, easy appointment scheduling, 24/7 care, unlimited counseling and support groups for students. 
5)     All students are aware that help is available. 

As the 5 signs above point to - accessibility and awareness of services are key. So how do you find out if your college has the above? Check out the college website and then visit the student health center to seek out this information. It could be the difference between graduating and dropping out.