Life on the Farm

Posted on March 10, 2016

Every semester, College Re-entry students spend 4 magical days at the Fountain House Farm in Montague, NJ.  This week, CRE students were lucky enough to experience unseasonably warm March weather and because it happened directly after a cold snap, it provided the perfect environment for making maple syrup!  The trees had been tapped already so by the time they arrived, sap was already slowly making its way to buckets where it was collected and driven to our homemade “sugar shack”, then boiled and processed into golden, maple syrup.  It’s a time-consuming process, but the rewards are so sweet!

Life on the farm

Special projects like these, along with the everyday tasks of feeding and caring for the chickens, llamas and alpacas may seem like hard work to an urban dweller, but it provides a unique environment for our students to learn new skills, and bond with each other in a relaxed setting.  Of course, it’s not all work on the farm… delicious meals are prepared and shared together, games are played and students have plenty of time to enjoy our lake, exercise on our fitness trail or relax in the comfort of our 9 bedroom chalet.