We're Ready for the One-in-Four 5K

Posted on April 3, 2015 by Joe Shaffer

Walking around Fountain House, it’s literally impossible to miss the colorful and creative signs posted everywhere encouraging members to sign up for next week’s Fountain House/DHC One-in-Four 5K.

All around the house, I am seeing how energized our members are to improve not just their health, but the outlook for every person who lives with or loves someone with mental illness.

Big colorful signs are in every single unit.


Our racers are tabling in the lobby—I dare you not to be charmed into signing up.

When they’re not in our gym, members are organizing evening walking groups around Hell’s Kitchen.

And next Thursday from 3:30 PM - 8 PM, we’re holding a Health Fair/5K expo at the house where everyone is invited to come to pick up their race packets, take a tour of the building and learn about Wellness activities. Please drop by! We're at 425 West 47th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues.

It’s all about so much more than shedding pounds or lifting them. It’s about saving ourselves, our friends, and our families—and pioneering a Wellness Program that, through our new partnership with the World Health Organization, has the potential to improve and lengthen millions of lives.

Register for the race today to help us make sure we have at least 500 people publicly rallying for mental and physical health on April 11.

Or, if you can’t join us, make a gift of any amount to support Fountain House’s life-saving mental and physical wellness programs. None of what we do here would be possible without you.

Together, I know we can reverse the devastating health trends that are robbing our loved ones and our community of fuller lives.