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A unique environment for our students to learn new skills, and bond with each other in a relaxed setting.
Dr. Mannis has begun to work with CRE students to help them utilize technology to achieve their academic goals.
At least a quarter of the first 37 American presidents suffered from a variety of disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and alcoholism.
Most universities have an office of accessibilities that arranges accommodations for students with disabilities including mental health challenges. It’s important to use all the tools available to set yourself up for a successful academic career.
“Opening the door to educational opportunities is one way to help people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder transition from a world of chaos and withdrawal to one of accomplishment”
If you have mental health challenges, consider researching the mental health services when applying to college. Look for these signs to determine if the college will meet your mental health needs.
In a segment titled, "Program Aims to Help Young Adults with Mental Illness Live Productive, Normal Lives," NY1 Reporter Erin Billups featured the great work of Fountain House College Re-Entry.
Being able to afford college is only one of the myriad challenges for veterans returning to school or entering college for the first time, which is why Victory Media’s criteria for “Military-Friendly” colleges is determined through a survey that evaluates campus support, recruitment practices and job placement.
The mental health services should not only focus on the student with the mental health condition but the education of peers to reduce stigma.
By Alan Miller
College Re-Entry alumni share their experiences from the 15-week program, discussing their challenges, takeaways, advice to future students, and future academic plans.