Who We Are | Our Process

College Re-Entry helps academically engaged 18-30-year-old college students who withdraw from their studies due to psychiatric disability develop and implement an action plan to return to college and learn necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully reach their educational goals.

Talented students with depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder who have had to withdraw from school can develop and implement new action plans for re-entering college and performing well there.

The Framework

As an early intervention, College Re-Entry offers a targeted supported education program that seeks to help academically engaged 18-30-year old students minimize the long-term impact of psychiatric symptoms and aims to increase student capacities that lead to the benefit of returning to college successfully.

Supported Education

We specifically help academically engaged students with psychiatric disorders make necessary adjustments to successfully return to college.


We teach students the necessary knowledge to succeed in a college environment.


We help students acquire the skills to improve the tasks of learning, social-emotional functioning, and self-advocacy.


We help elevate resilience, self-confidence, and self-efficacy abilities for students to coordinate efforts and succeed in college.*

That target areas of academics, learning, and social realms of college.


Using the Choose-Get-Keep Model

*statement has not been formally evaluated