What We Offer Clinicians

  • How many academically engaged 18-30-year-old students do you know whose mental health challenges (depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia) have prompted them to leave college?
  • How clear is their plan in realizing their dreams and returning to college?
  • How can we work together to help improve the possibility of success?

Program Brochure of Fountain House College Re-Entry

In coordination with your clinical services, we can help students develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully re-enter college and attain their educational goals.

We know students facing mental health challenges can learn to:

  1. Manage stress and time.
  2. Participate in college activities.
  3. Develop socially.
  4. Study actively.
  5. Perform academically.

When talented students with mental health challenges withdraw from school, we help them build and apply a new action plan to get back to college and improve their capacities to succeed.

Our Core Program

Re-Entry Training + Re-Entry Coordination

Re-Entry Training 

Our Core Program's integrated 14-week (15 hours per week) curriculum helps a small cohort of students regain academic skills, restore physical wellness, and reclaim social community.

Re-Entry Coordination: Students receive individualized guidance and coaching to co-construct and implement an action plan for a successful return to college. Students make progress by re-imagining possibilities and actively taking the necessary steps to realize them.